The Shinkansen Series 0 "Bullet Train" for Chris Sawyer's Locomotion
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Early on in the development of Chris Sawyer's Locomotion some Japanese vehicles and buildings were created but were never actually used in the published game.
The best of these were the Japanese "Shinkansen" (more commonly known as "Bullet Train"), which you can now download here and install in your game for free.
The model is based on the original Shinkansen Series 0 train from 1965, an electric train capable of 130mph and very fast acceleration due to every vehicle being powered.

To download and install:
Just download the scenario file Shinkansen.SC5 and save it into your "Scenarios" folder in the folder where you installed Chris Sawyer's Locomotion.
Then start the game as normal and select the new "Shinkansen Land 1970" scenario that appears in the beginners scenario list to start a new game.
If all has worked correctly you should now be able to build and play with the Shinkansen Bullet Trains!
Note: Once the Shinkansen vehicles are installed in this way they will also appear in the 'advanced' page of the vehicle selection list in the scenario editor, so you can create new scenarios which include the Shinkansen.

* The Shinkansen data files have been tested with the game and checked for viruses.
However, they are provided "as is", no warranty is given, and the developer cannot provide any technical support for them.
All content is (C) Copyright 2006 Chris Sawyer, all rights reserved.

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